Why Does Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop) Take 24 hours to clear payments?

We’re living in the 21st Century, where speed is everything. Unfortunately, Adobe Creative Cloud is operating like its 1999.

Over the weekend I finally got some time to update my Shopify store, which offers a barrage of political T-shirts, and as most know, Photoshop is your best friend when it comes to designing T-shirts. Sadly, my free trial expired.

In a world of instant gratification where most baubles are delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days, I thought purchasing an online subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop) would be INSTANT, but I very was wrong.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform is pathetic. What kind of business does $7.3 billion in sales (2017) and doesn’t allow you instant access to the subscription you just purchased? The answer is apparently Adobe. I’ve never seen a company operate so archaically. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but when I purchase a subscription to your product, I plan to use it instantly, not 24 hours later.

Adobe, please fix this problem before the market fixes it for you.