Australian’s hand over 6,000 guns in one month as country is quietly being disarmed

Australia has a problem. And it’s not terrorism. The country is quietly being disarmed at an alarming rate. According to this Japan Times report, more than 6,000 guns were voluntarily surrendered to the Australian Government in a one-month time period.

More than 6,000 guns have been surrendered in Australia’s most populous state in just one month, police said Tuesday, after fears of terrorism and an influx of illegal firearms sparked a national amnesty.

The government said in June it believed there were as many as 260,000 illicit weapons on the streets, and with the threat of extremist attacks and a spate of gangland shootings, it wanted to minimize the danger.

Among the weapons handed over in New South Wales were four SKS assault rifles, a 9 mm homemade submachine-gun, a Colt AR-15 rifle, M1 carbine and a .44 calibre magnum revolver, state police said.

In total, some 1,700 rifles, 460 shotguns and nearly 200 handguns were surrendered to police and dealers, while thousands of others were handed in for registration.

“We’ve also received more than 110 prohibited weapons including samurai swords, knives, and other edged weapons,” Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Hoffman said.

No official figures have been announced yet for other states and territories.

The amnesty runs from July 1 until Sept. 30, allowing people to hand in unregistered or unwanted firearms with no questions asked. Outside that period people face fines of up to 280,000 Australian dollars ($222,000) or up to 14 years in prison.

  • HWR

    This ALWAYS ends badly for gentiles.

  • Gil Favor

    ‘ You’ll be sorry. . . . . .” all the whilst you are beating your plowshare back into a sword. . .

  • NazdaPokmov

    I’ll give you one warning Australia….and no more. You turn your guns over and you WILL be invaded by the muslim hoardes……mark my words……

  • AntiCommon Core

    What, with Australia being a Penal Colony, this is not surprising. The George Soros NGO Refugee ships will soon be docking in Australia, after all the gun confiscations are completed.

  • Tim Hadfield

    The turkeys are voting for Christmas.

  • Jimmy Yost

    Those stupid bastards should’ve put those guns to their heads and saved their govt. the trouble of doing it to them a few years down the road.

  • desertspeaks

    Australians have become fully indoctrinated and propagandized into accepting slavery to a corporation masquerading as a government and all it’s lies.. What Australians willfully ignore, is that their FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT has NO DUTY TO PROTECT THEM!
    While your government spews LIES about it’s promise of a duty to protect you, how many times has it failed to protect Australians? Every single crime, rape, break in, theft, mugging, physical attack and murder of an Australian in Australia is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that not only can’t they protect you, they won’t!

    There must be a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP “custodial in most instances” prior to the invocation of a duty to protect FOR THE VICTIM! AND NOW YOU KNOW THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Oh they give you a lot of flowery verbiage about how they’ll protect you but that’s just more of the same, propaganda and lies!

    WHEN ‘not if” they fail to protect you or another man/woman/child and or your property, the victim “YOU” will have no recourse against them WHEN THEY FAIL TO PROTECT YOU, AND THEY WILL FAIL! IT IS INEVITABLE!

    There is only one person that can provide you the protection you are naturally entitled to, and that’s YOU!
    You have a natural right to self preservation that is antecedent to the formation of any government..
    Well, it was until you volunteered to be NEUTERED!

    I hope you enjoy being a victim “to varying types of criminals, the professionals in government and the amateurs walking the streets and of course the new IMPORTED CRIMINALS!

    GOOD LUCK, you are all going to need it!

  • Zaphod Braden

    No SHOVELS in Australia?

  • Zaphod Braden

    “I come from the land down under …… where men wimp out”

  • Timothy Dale Inwood

    Prohibited swords and knives… wow. Sharp sticks and rocks will be next. I will never understand the Eloi mindset…

  • Oingo Boingo

    Buh-Bye, Australia.
    It was nice knowing you.

  • Brad Scofield

    Pure suicide. This is what happens when you emasculate men and give that power to bitc*es ; the guys wimp out with their tails between their legs. Prepare for Sharia Law, you poor stupid bastards. You just signed up for HELL ON EARTH and you are going to get an overnight delivery. NEVER gonna happen to America. We are taking the fight right to the Jscum. Locked and loaded !!