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Bravo Telecom has the best unlimited internet plans

Bravo Telecom, Canada’s leader in Independent digital service, offers affordable unlimited internet plans and phone bundles. Bravo Telecom DUOs offer packages that combine unlimited internet service with more speed for your downloads and uploads and a Telephone Internet service (voice over IP) with 200 minutes of free long distance calls toward Canada and U.S.A for all the plans.

Call today (514-227-4647)  to speak to one of their professional and dynamic specialists to help you find the telephone and unlimited internet plans package that best fits your needs. Enjoy your internet knowing you are paying the same price each month. We also provide our customers with a newsletter where you can receive our premier promotions, discounts, and any other offers throughout the year.

Order online today at and save $10 on the starter fees! All internet plans include a reliable and powerful wifi network, no hidden fees, and FLEXgo which allows you to increase your consumption without having to switch plans!


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