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CPS would have you tied up in ‘Family Court’ if you didn’t have heat in your house, but if you’re the Baltimore City Public School System, you get a pass

Here is another ugly reminder as to why you should never let the ‘state’ destroy your child’s future with 12 years of useless knowledge. If you haven’t pulled your children out of ‘prison,’ better known as the public school system, you should.

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25 Reasons to evacuate Baltimore Maryland immediately

Like most big cities Baltimore, Maryland is plagued by incompetent leadership. Mayor Catherine Pugh is an amateur to put it fairly, and she has no business holding an elected office. Her most significant accomplishment to date is removing hundred-year-old statues to satisfy the vicious hunger of social justice vultures. In the meantime, Baltimore, the city she was elected to lead has succumbed to a cesspool of criminals, and it has fallen victim to a murder rate that makes Chicago look safe.

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End in sight: Sears posts loss of $558 million ahead of crucial holiday shopping season

The end of an era is here. According to this USA Today report, Sears has recorded a massive loss of $558 million. According to sources, the company will shut down most of their stores in Q1 2018.

Sears Holdings reported a third-quarter loss Thursday as the ailing department-store chain seeks stability and faces a critical test during the holiday shopping season.

After more than 400 recently announced store closures aimed at removing its weak spots, Sears said it lost $558 million for the quarter ended Oct. 28.

Despite the red ink, investors were heartened at first, sending shares up at much as 28% before they turned lower by late afternoon..

With gift buying in full swing, Sears confronts the challenge of  trying to draw shoppers to stores as they increasingly flock online or to the retailer’s nimbler physical competitors.

Let It Burn: ESPN announces more layoffs

More bad news for ESPN. According to this Washington Post report, 150 employees will lose their jobs as cable subscriptions dwindle.

ESPN announced Wednesday that it is laying off approximately 150 employees, the network’s third round of job cuts over the past two-plus years.

Faced with a declining subscriber base and increasing sports-rights costs, ESPN laid off around 300 employees — many of them working behind the scenes — in October 2015. Then, in April, the network cut roughly 100 jobs, with the reductions coming from ESPN’s stable of on-air talent and online journalists. The round of layoffs announced Wednesday will affect employees “in studio production, digital content, and technology and they generally reflect decisions to do less in certain instances and re-direct resources,” ESPN President John Skipper announced in a memo to network employees.

“We appreciate their contributions, and will assist them as much as possible in this difficult moment with severance, a 2017 bonus, the continuation of health benefits and outplacement services. They will also appreciate your support,” Skipper wrote.

The 150 layoffs is a larger number than expected by most observers, but it still reflects a small fraction of the network’s reported 8,000 employees. On-camera talent was spared from this recent round of cuts, but Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch reports that the network will continue to reduce costs by not re-signing “SportsCenter” anchors whose contracts are coming up in the next 12 months.