FedEx Canada set to close ALL retail office locations, HUNDREDS of jobs lost

Shipping giant FedEx has announced they will be closing all 24 FedEx office stores throughout Canada. According to this City News report, hundreds of jobs will be lost.

FedEx is closing its Office stores in Canada after 32 years in the country.

Spokeswoman Stacey Sullivan says FedEx Office will close its 24 stores, a manufacturing plant in Markham, Ont., and its head office in Toronto.

The move will result in the loss of 214 jobs, but will not affect FedEx’s shipping business in Canada, she said, adding the decision was made after assessing current and future business prospects.

Eighteen of the stores are in Ontario, five in B.C. and one in Nova Scotia. The closings are to begin in August.

FedEx Office shops offer a range of business services including copying and printing, sign making, office supplies sales and packaging services.

The stores are also used as pick-up and drop-off sites for FedEx shipping.

  • AlwaysWatching

    Only partially true. Larger companies that use FedEx have contracts that have them paying as little as 10% of the retail rate, due to their volume. Case in point (I work for one of those large companies) I needed to ship six Pelican cases of test equipment. The rate for Next Day service was going to be $1,600. Once I gave them the company account number, the charge was about $225.

    I don’t think they really care much about the one-off daily business of average consumers. Their price structure is aimed at large business.

    • Sallie Ann

      Ah thanks for the info… I know why most big companies can offer “free shipping” as it is practically FREE to them…