Feminist Professor Believes Women Should Form Partnerships With Dogs Instead Of Men

(Sue Bee)  I live in the south. I wasn’t born here, but my family roots go deep into its red clay soil . I come from a cooler climate where the need for air conditioning is measured in weeks not months. Yes, I’m a Michigander , and as such I am familiar with liberal academia, and yes that would be the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan that hosted an art exhibit which charted the glamorous history of abortion. An exhibit that proudly stated, “Abortion is a gift of God, anything 46 million women do every year can’t be immoral.” Students leave their constructional rights at the door because the “Inclusive Language Campaign” cautions them not to say things that might hurt others feelings. Words like “crazy”, “illegal alien” or phrases such as “I want to die” and “that test raped me”. Yes , you could say I’ve seen PC “gone wild”.

But nothing  in my 60 years prepared me for the University of North Carolina. The same U of N that has a feminist professor who believes women should form lifelong domestic partnerships with dogs instead of men. The U of N that hosted “Orgasm Awareness Week” in which a feminist group built a vibrator museum in the campus quad. And paid (yes paid! ) a porn star to give a speech on “safe sodomy”.  The UNC- Wilmington where a feminist administrator sponsored an event that sold “I had an abortion” t-shirts and a workshop that taught students how to appreciate their orgasms. (It would seem that North Carolina thinks the rest of the world has not caught on to that orgasm thing.) I could go on but you get the picture. And now from its hallowed halls in Chapel Hill comes a writing guide that advises against using words with “man” in them. Created by the UNC Writing Center to “help people make informed choices and decisions about using gendered language. ” Examples include not using the words ”mailman“, “man-made”, “policeman” or “freshman” and  instead use less offensive words such as, “person”, “individual” and “first year student”. The handout states, “Tackling gendered references…can be challenging, especially since there isn’t  (and may never be)  a universally agreed upon set of concrete guidelines.” I think we can see the truth in that statement since gender is now considered to be quite “fluid “. We all know Star Trek caved when they changed “where no man has gone before” to “ no one”. ( Why not “individual”, yea “where no individual has gone before.” Has a nice ring to it.)

The guide sites as an example “of using masculine pronouns to refer to subjects whose gender is variable”, nothing less than the U.S. Declaration of Independence . “All men are created equal”, is dismissed with “most readers no longer understand the word “man” to be synonymous with person.” Can we now expect this “aged  “ and “out of step with the times” document to receive its long over due rewrite? Is “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” far behind?

  • Tom

    Any man who has been using the internet personals looking for a partner will already be aware that the majority of women already have their primary relationship with a dog or cat. For them, looking for a man is an afterthought when they realized that the dogs don’t help with the rent and the cats can’t take out the garbage. Men are sought because they are eminently exploitable for money and labor. I finally started refusing to date any woman with a pet and it took me a decade to find a sane woman near my age who didn’t have one.

    I don’t think young women start out consciously to choose pets over men. After forty years of observations I could write a book on these relationships. To keep it short here, my thesis is that pets serve as touch/affection sinks for the touch and affection we humans are unable to provide for each other (this includes men, or perhaps especially men). Granted, a grossly oversexed species like Homo sapiens needs a host of proscriptions on who may touch whom and under what circumstances. These necessary proscriptions are both legal and cultural, but the net effect is to leave many humans in a chronic condition which I call “touch starvation”, or at least they would be touch-starved if it weren’t for the standard antidote: pets. That’s why the noun and the verb are the same; this is what we use them for.

    For the first time in history a combination of labor market, reduced need for gender specialization in household tasks, and welfare benefits has given women the choice of leaving men out of their lives. Often they don’t need our earning power and they don’t need us to chop firewood, hunt, or plow. It is very telling that given that choice women have abandoned men by the millions, and they didn’t need a feminist professor to tell them to do it — it has already happened.

    • David Mowers

      Great post!

    • Jigoku Aisatsu

      I don’t think women really want this, and I don’t think we should sell ourselves short as men. I believe that most women are followers and herd animals by nature, and that they’ve been led into a culture of self-defeat by narcissistic women with power who convince these dummies that behavior that is self destructive is good and necessary. The result being that many brainwashed women end up leading sad and lonely lives. I think you’re just feeling sorry for yourself.

    • RJ O’Guillory

      …I don’t disagree with what you’ve said…but I think the declared demise of the…”manly man”…is a bit premature. The world is an ugly place…and is getting uglier, layer by layer, bit by bit. I believe there will be a day when the more “traditional role” of men and women will come back into style…as TSHTF…more and more ladies are advertising themselves up to be…”comfort women”…in return for subsistence and support. As we return to the wild-wild-west days for a period of time…I think you will see that trend increase.
      RJ O’Guilllory

    • TruthYourFreedom

      anyone who denies the power of media to destroy traditional families by teaching men to be boys (avoid leading a family, play games, sleep around…) and leading women to try and be like men rather than become mothers caring for their families is a victim of the very same brainwashing

  • doodaa

    Can’t wait to see a dog replace the carpet he pissed on.

  • scott_ewing

    Well … some men are crap.

    • Jigoku Aisatsu

      Not you though, of course, am I right big man?

      • scott_ewing

        ( blushes – turns ankle )

  • Gilfavor

    just purchase a large jar of smooth peanut butter, and all is well . . . .

  • Jon Reid

    Dare I Say It…no…..can’t help myself…..So they keep their species pure! (dogs) Even though they call men dogs. (yes I’m kidding. Get over it) Look feminists are indoctrinated with hate for men. Thats OK. But keep it to yourself. The hate I mean, don’t empower yourself with reporting men for rape and other things that get people in trouble. I have no contempt for your life choices and I accept you for who you are, not for hateful actions. If you are bitter about someone find inner peace, show yourself some love and heal. Become a force of good. Benefit the species you are, volunteer at an elderly home, cheer up kids with cancer. You can do that with your therapy dog. Hate starts wars where bankers make money funding both sides. Keep bankers poorer. Keep your words kind as one day you will have to eat them. And that Karma thing is a real biter. Dont get bit. There are good men out there but they are shot down sometimes and not given a chance. If you are nice you will attract nice. Relationships are not always easy but they can be fulfilling.

  • Mr Reynard

    Quote:Feminist Professor Believes Women Should Form Partnerships With Dogs Instead Of Men….
    Does she own a Rottweiler ?? If yes I hope that she’ll marry him legally before having any sex with it ??

  • Steve

    A certain influential tribe with an agenda has been in the forefront of pushing radical feminism, mixed marriages, same sex marriage, open third world immigration, multiculturalism and so forth. It was inevitable that we have reached the absurdity of feminists advocating relationships with dogs instead of men. And where else but a university should be the starting point.

    • TruthYourFreedom

      nwo may use some groups more than others…but the members are satanists only pretending to be christian, jewish, etc…

  • John Shotter

    I like just me myself and I And books and information and good food.

  • Johnny Canuck

    My now dead, poisoned by some dirty creep, kitty had as much smarts as this “professor”. When I asked my little friend the question “Who was the great Leader of China?”, he promptly replied “Maow!”, for which I gave him a nice hug.

    I am sure she would answer the question correctly as well, but I refuse to give that stupid Bitch a hug!

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  • Al

    You don’t need to be a psychologist to know that there is
    some kind of pathology going on here, what’s worse, are these people have well-funded
    jobs. I just know, just like you warn your children to stay away from rabid
    animals, you warn them about these sickly individuals; and to keep far away
    from them. It’s time to tell people of this ilk, the only success a village has
    had in raising anyone; is the village idiot. It doesn’t take a village; it
    takes caring and compassionate parents to raise a caring and compassionate
    child. These empty vessels devoid of human empathy are only full of one thing.