Ford announces $9,000 bonus checks to employees, second best in companies history

Mar 08, 2017
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Ford has announced they will be issuing bonuses to thousands of employees. According to this NWI report, the company will be paying out its second biggest bonus in history.

Ford, one of the largest employers in the Calumet Region, is going to pay out $9,000 profit-sharing bonuses to thousands of local workers this week in what amounts to a pre-tax $49.5 million injection of cash into the local economy.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker will pay the second-best profit sharing bonuses in company history Friday to about 4,200 workers at the Chicago Assembly Plant in Hegewisch and another 1,300 at the Chicago Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights. It’s down slightly from the record $9,300 Ford’s 56,000 United Autoworkers-represented employees took home last year.



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