Harley-Davidson announces LAYOFFS after earnings fall from weaker U.S. sales

Add Harley-Davidson to the list of struggling companies. According to this Journal Sentinel report approximately 180 production jobs will be eliminated.

Harley-Davidson Inc. is eliminating about 180 production jobs at its U.S. plants, union officials said Tuesday, with the Menomonee Falls and Kansas City plants expected to be hit the hardest.

The 183 permanent job cuts are coming in the next couple of months as the company throttles back production following weak U.S. motorcycle sales.

Temporary furloughs also are expected this fall at the Menomonee Falls plant that employs about 1,000 production workers.

“It’s not looking too good at this point,” said Ross Winklbauer, a sub-district director for the United Steelworkers union.

“We did not see this coming,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday, Harley said soft U.S. motorcycle sales resulted in a disappointing fiscal quarter ended June 25.

Net income fell 7.7% to $258.9 million, or $1.48 per share, in the three-month period ended June 25, from $280.4 million, or $1.55 per share, a year earlier.

Revenue from motorcycles and related products fell to $1.58 billion from $1.67 billion.

Harley said its U.S. sales were down 9.3% from the same period a year ago.

The company, which previously forecast “flat to down modestly” full-year bike shipments, said it now expects to ship 241,000 to 246,000 motorcycles in 2017 — down 6% to 8% from 2016.

The new projection includes a 10% to 20% decline in third-quarter production.

  • ScroodeMcDuck

    I’ll bet that there are no production cuts in China ! I’ll bet that those “layoffs” in the USA are permanent. The Communist/Socialist/Bolshevik destruction of our manufacturing base contunues …

    • JustMe2

      I won’t be buying a Harley any time soon. Can’t make it here, it’s not worth buying.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    taxpayers can no longer afford the labor union costs added into production

  • Sink Chicken

    HD needs to cater to the wishes of millennials not nostalgic motorcyclists. They have been relying on their mystique for too long. The much less expensive asian bikes are much more popular with younger bikers in my opinion.

    • Robbie Cheney

      Cadillac pulled it off – Harley Davidson can too. HD needs to get rid of the H1b visa people though.