The Importance of Drudge, Quayle, Rivero, and Rense

The independent media is at risk. Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are simultaneously suppressing any message they deem unfit, and that is a danger to our ability to access information.

Due to the sneaky tactics by the gatekeepers, the independent media is it at a critical crossroad. This type of selective channeling results in blatant censorship and makes link aggregates like, and even more important in the escalating information war.

Much like the Drudge Report before them, these innovators were once laughed at due to their dated web designs and controversial content. Now they are often the first stop for open minded readers interested in learning the truth about what is really going on in the world, something the mainstream media would prefer to hide.

Independent media relies heavily on social media and google search to draw in, gain and retain readership. Sites with an alternative view trying to gain readership via the search engines like Google will undoubtedly be sent to the search purgatory. I recently wrote an article referring to their 160 handbook that details exactly how Google plans to do this.

When a user types into a search engine such as Google and that search engine deliberately omits alternative information about vaccines, GMO’s, holistic health, 9/11, or the history of banking from the search results they are effectively tampering with one’s ability to access pertinent data. Unfortunately, most people have learned to rely on search engines such as Google to find information which makes this even more dangerous.

Mike Adams, the Editor of Natural News ( whose Facebook page has over 2 million likes), states: “Facebook has attempted to utterly silence Natural News and our message of healing and self-reliance by squashing nearly one hundred percent of article shares. They have failed, however, because the people who are awake and aware of the sinister aims of Mark Zuckerberg are leaving Facebook in droves, and they’re increasingly coming to sites like to learn the truth about everything.”

Drudge, Quayle, Rivero, and Rense, have had a tremendous impact on shaping public opinion.

Matt Drudge is a right-leaning publisher with a massive readership that averages almost 150 million visits per month. Steve Quayle, an outspoken Christian, has a loyal group of followers reaching millions per month. Michael Rivero, an atheist, is known to be an outspoken anti war activist and proponent of freedom, and can also generate a large readership. Jeff Rense, a champion of even the most unpopular free speech has a readership that spans into the millions. All four, and others like them are crucial contributors to the independent media. Why? Because they’re providing access points to information that Google and Facebook are internally suppressing or hiding.

Drudge is one of the most powerful men in media. Last month he recorded over 147 million visitsmaking his readership bigger than the populations of Mexico and Russia. Drudge, who can’t be controlled, often walks to the beat of his own drum, refusing to allow the mainstream to dictate what news he believes is important. Referral traffic from the Drudge Report has single handily made Infowars a household name, giving them hundreds of authoritative links, and driving millions of readers to articles penned by Paul Joseph Watson and Mikael Thalen. Drudge has also propelled Zero Hedge into the mainstream by frequently linking to their content. Occasionally he likes to throw a middle finger to the establishment by linking to smaller sites like and even indirectly linking to a few articles by Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog. This is something I’m sure the media gatekeepers hate. Getting a coveted referral link from Drudge can result in 50,000-300,00 visitors reading your story.

Quayle has been at the forefront of Independent media for decades. A link from will result in tens of thousands to your websites; he is by far the second most powerful after Drudge in referring readers to your site. Like Drudge, Steve operates his link aggregate around the clock. He’s a tremendous asset to the independent media, and more importantly Christians, around the world.

Rivero has an interesting background that spans from NASA to Hollywood. Rivero stumbled into the alternative media after questioning the death of Vince Foster which ultimately resulted in the end of his Hollywood career. Luckily for us, it led to the birth of WRH, as known by its members, can generate up to 10,000 referrals a day, which makes his site another important piece of the independent media. Mike and his wife Claire have logged thousands of hours in a fight for truth and freedom.

Rense has been around for decades, and his influential site has been at the forefront of pushing traffic to the independent media for almost 18 years. Jeff is another one who is often marginalized for his beliefs and outdated site. Say what you want about Jeff Rense, but he is another very import piece in the alternative media. A link from can often result in tens of thousands of visitors landing on your site.

No matter what your beliefs may be, if you value the importance of information, you need to support these sites. Don’t make a mistake and wait until the last minute We’re approaching a crossroad where censorship by Google, Facebook, and various other platforms are taking aim at the truth. If these four webmasters stop publishing due to health issues, insane copyright laws or, even worse, death, the alternative media is dead.


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  • Jackie Puppet

    Add John B Wells’ Caravan To Midnight podcast to the list.

  • ScroodeMcDuck

    Yup Drudge and Rense will not touch the Zionist angle, Quayle is a False Prophet, Hodges deals out fear porn Along with Hagmann and Zelinski, Rivero was formerly with the NASA disinformation group and JB Wells is an atheist with occult symbolism on his site page. Discernment is key to weed out the truth from the deceptions and lies.

  • Josiah Elias Wales

    C’mon, people ~ what are you waiting for? HIT THE BASTARDS WHERE IT HURTS! BOYCOTT FARCEBOOK. BOYCOTT TWITTER. BOYCOTT REDDIT. BOYCOTT GOOGLE! BOYCOTT YOUTUBE! It’s SO easy. Exercise your right to choose. Go with an alternative.


    1. Alternative to FACEBOOK, TWITTER & REDDIT? Answer: “GAB”.
    2. Alternative to GOOGLE? Answer: “DuckDuckGo” (search engine).
    3. Alternative to YouTube? Answer: “D Tube”.
    4. Alternative to Gmail? Answer: “PROTONMAIL” (secure, encrypted email.)

    STOP USING FARCEBOOK. STOP USING TWITTER. STOP USING GOOGLE. Before long, they’ll be TOAST. DONE. FINISHED. Get it? Make the switch today. And don’t forget to SPREAD THE WORD!

  • Josiah Elias Wales

    Sorry, Drudge is ALT-LITE. Quayle is also ALT-LITE. Rivero? Mostly ALT-LITE. Rense? Rense will at least tell the truth about the counterfeit “Jews” on occasion.

    IF you want the REAL TRUTH ~ you will need to seriously investigate the following websites:


    • Tim Hadfield

      links would be nice … is your spelling of revisionisthist correct?

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, I dont know Drudge at all, and have my reservations against uh…. right winged sites, or whatever they claim they are.
    The mayor problem isnt the sites, nor the ongoing attacks from the dying MSM, or Goolag, the problem as I see it bases upon what I define as general ignorance, witch is displayed thru various articles.
    Witch some are more like well pissers than genuine alt, sites, where WRH is so far ahead of the rest that most of this other sites are OK but not more than that, compared to WRH where education is much more up to date and have exposed the banking ind. etc, and WRH is one of the few sites I have actually learned from, the rest, well, again, not always the sites nor the articles, but the comment field.
    Since comments are the new arena, like Me, the article is usually crap, but the few inputs comes from the comments, and here is the downfall of the so called alt right, it their own ignorance and arrogance.

    Go to ZeroBrain ups….. hedge, every time, every f…. time NK comes up they scream about Kill em all.
    Etc, to protecting the scam called D. Trump, Hiltary on steroids, but hey, He builds the wall, yeah, and the so called right is drooling off pure glee, and dont bother to debate anything else, like the wars, and the fact Trump continues the path Obamalama the Childslayer started, and nobody in the American alt right cares, the are happy, and just mention the word socialism, to this morons are they display an ignorance that makes me slack jawed, utter, utter stupidity.
    And the second fact, the same alt, uh…. have no problems with echoing the moronic propaganda about country’s like Venezuela.
    Yeah, use the effect of years of sanctions as an prof of how “rotten” Venezuelans are, equally to the hideous sanctions against NK whom havent done anything to anyone, but still the right side shit holes drools the same narrative, yeah, credibility, is hard to get, but not in the UssA, because there everything goes, like the fake news about NK and above all Russia and China, Jesus Christ how bad its become, its downright hilarious.

    Other sites like Saker, is to me an borderline shit hole, where they display from time to time ignorance, or is it downright false information, in cases like the Catalans, where Sore-ass is behind everything, yeah, thats when I knew the Saker is an UssA controlled so called opposition site, Saker single handedly pulverized His credibility, and have nothing left, of course they can write something good, but that can even CNN do.
    Etc, etc, etc. again, I have one measurement, one line witch I know is the difference, thats Palestine, wankees, few have the balls to cross that line, and thats where I place whatever they claim they do as an alt site, against, the Palestinian cause, it works all the time, incl, some so called “Russian” sites as RT, witch have gone from something to nothing, an MSM shit hole, period, how is it possible to think Russians are so much different than the western MSM is, when RT etc, pimps the AGW scam, to the bullshit about the poor, ad peace loving, always sincere Joojos.

    I am slowly sliding out and is kicked out from everywhere, since the alt right is an 100% fake narrative, and have no credibility left if you ask me, the left is bonkers, but the rights whom is howling for ever more wars against uh…. terrorists, is what makes me sick, in fact the difference between left and right is more or less an theater, since the end result, like in Syria and Yemen is in both worlds, the goal..
    To me WRH is an news site, and educational, an dying breed.

    I am not optimistic about the future, I was, but not anymore.


    • Flart Blooger

      when you start a comment about how everyone is suffering from ” general ignorance” you have already lost me.

      right wing people might not be as “educated” as left wingers but i find that no one group is any smarter than the other.

      when it comes to politics, there is no smart or dumb.

      • Liam McKinn

        I find that people frequenting conservative websites are far more gullible. They seem to possess the propensity to fall for ridiculous conspiracy theories. If you listen to conservative talk radio shows …follow the money… listen to WHO is advertising. Supplement makers with ludicrous testimonial ads (that they can’t be accused of putting out as claims), predatory debt relief services , tax relief, bogus health treatments…. they know where the gullible people listen.

  • Edward

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  • NobodysaysBOO

    thank you for this article.

  • NobodysaysBOO

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