Oklahoma state senator arrested on child prostitution charge

Mar 17, 2017
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Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey is facing three felony charges for his involvement in child prostitution. The charges come after Shortey was caught in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy where it was apparent the two were there to engage in sexual acts. Shortey, who is 35, has a wife and three young children.

Police were tipped off by the teen’s father. Authorities were able to obtain a search warrant during which they discovered the juvenile’s Kindle Fire tablet containing a conversation between him and Shortey pertaining to sex in exchange for money. The felony charges that Shortey will be facing include:

-Engaging in child prostitution
-Engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church.
-Transporting a minor for prostitution/lewdness.

While the age of sexual consent in Oklahoma is 16, state child prostitution laws apply to any person under the age of 18. Both Shortey and the teenage boy admit to being acquaintances for about a year, having met through Craigslist and later communicating on the messenger application Kik, which has been criticized as being unsafe for minors. Within a few hours after the arrest, Shorty was released on a $100,000 bond.

Shortey has been a senator since 2010. He is a staunch Republican and was the state chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign during the primary elections. During his time in the state Senate Shortly pushed bills that targeted the expulsion of illegal immigrants and the expansion of the state’s gun rights. Ironically a few of his bills targeted gay and transgendered people, including a measure passed earlier this year that would allow business owners to discriminate against gay people. His most notable bill, however, was introduced in 2012 and would have banned the use of aborted human fetuses in food. The bill garnered a lot of controversies both in-state and around the country. The bill was never granted a hearing in a Senate Committee.

The arrest has, of course, led to calls for Shortey’s resignation. The Oklahoma Senate imposed sanctions on Wednesday voting 43-0 for a resolution that accuses him of “disorderly behavior.” Among other things, it removes Shortey from membership and leadership of various Senate committees, bars him from occupying his office and reserved parking spot at the Capitol, blocks his expense allowances and authorship of bills, and revokes his right to have an executive assistant. Shortey will, according to Senate officials, still receive his $38,400 annual salary as a senator and will be allowed to vote.

The allegations have also raised red flags pertaining to Shortey’s involvement with the Oklahoma City YMCA’s Youth and Government Program. Shorty has since been removed from his volunteer position of which he served over the last 17 years. He had been active in the program and served as a chaperone on several out-of-state trips. The organization is unaware of any allegations of wrongdoing involving Shortey’s work for the program, but the agency is conducting an internal investigation due to the nature of the criminal case.



Born and raised in the backwoods of Michigan, Thomas Dishaw is an independent writer and entrepreneur. His work has been criticized in Slate, Right Wing Watch, Gawker, Daily Mail, and NY Daily News. Thomas currently writes for NaturalNews.com and resides in Delaware with his wife and Shih Tzu, where they enjoy healthy eating, politics, MSU Spartans and conservative values.
  • Kate Frederickson

    He should rot in a cell, how can he still vote? A staunch Republican, more of an average closeted gay Republican going after gays in public, then going after them in private. Republicans are liars and hypocrites and they voted in one of their own into office. Now they are wanting a war with North Korea. Kiss your sons and daughters goodbye. War mongering animals.

    • Jackie Puppet

      And Democrats aren’t?

      They’re 2 sides of the same coin. Though we’d probably all be radioactive dust by now if Hillary was elected.

    • Roman Hamilton

      And just who started wars in Yemen, Egypt and Libya.

      Hmm, pray-tell Kate. It wasn’t DJT but your magic man BHO ( aka song Frank Marshall Davis, the swinger, pedophile and porn creator and devout Communist).

      We will have to fight wars now considering that BHO took the side of Iran, placated NK and had that little jackass Kim make a fool of him.

      Then there is this little fantasy that there is such a thing as “Palestinians” that BHO used to stab Israel in the back.

      Wake up because if China and Russia do attack us on our soil, they will not care if you disliked DJT, they will shoot first and trample all over your carcass as they storm city after city.

  • Chuck Morrison

    Kill it. Just kill it.

  • Hoping Against Hope

    Don’t hear much in the msm about the huge number of pedophiles who have been arrested since Trump came to power. There’s a whole nest of vipers in high places preying on children which needs to be exposed and torched.

    • Joan

      You are right. Let’s just watch. THIS story will get covered by MSM because of this man’s support of DJT.

    • Jackie Puppet

      You won’t hear much because prominent members of the media are also rumored to be part of the pedophile rings and/or the coverup. At least not until some of them are finally arrested and the topic is unavoidable.

    • Roman Hamilton

      You won’t because I’m convinced that many in the news media are also pedophiles or even worse. Lookup Pizzagate and “Spirit Cooking” and you’ll see what I mean.

      These are the very last days and the evil that is occurring is and will be on a scale like never before.

  • Joejoethabeanslayer

    Sounds to me he was a good guy doing alot of good things in his life and fell due to sexual temptation which many fall into. Its sad and i feel for his family and what there going through over all this.life is hard and the devil is always on the prowl to temp and trap good folks. Even mighty angels fell from sexual temptation in the old testament. I hope and pray in his recovery from this and his family and pray the young man that took part in this that he also changes his life.and for his dad that must be devastated finding out his son is gay and was taking part in a act as prostitution..

    • DW

      You are an example of Christ-like grace and mercy. Yes, this is a tragedy for everyone involved, especially his wife and kids. BUT, he must answer for his crimes and suffer the consequences of his selfish actions.

    • David West

      He can repent for his buttsnake thing in 5 minutes…
      Saved again! Go Jesus!!


      • Roman Hamilton

        I am hoping you are joking (albeit a sick joke at that) as there is no man without sin. The Lord said that someone is guilty of breaking one law, he is guilty of breaking all of the laws (ten commandments).

        The Apostle Paul was a very mean man hunting Christians and bringing them back as heretics for the Sanhedrin to punish. He even himself said that he was the chief of all sinners and yet the Lord made the author of the most books in the New Testament.

        The Lord Jesus Christ saved a man like me and He can SAVE you. This is all NOT a joke, but serious business. Not Buddha, Shiva, Krishna or Allah can save you, but only that Man who was 100% God and 100% man – the Lord Jesus who is eternal.

        Don’t focus on this sinner in this new article, but look into your own soul and ask God to show you what to do and seek and call upon His name. The world is a filthy place both physically and spiritually and ONLY GOD can offer you the escape out of here.

        Jesus Christ LOVES all of us – even Charles Manson, Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Kahn and Mao just as much as he loves the newborn child.

        And He loves YOU.

        • David West

          Pity that you don’t understand what you write.

          Don’t worry…you are in good company….not one pastor, preacher, or priest understood my brother Jesus.

          You’ll have to wait and then make your adjustments. You should make it…

          For it is written:

          Romans 14:11

          As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

          but just in case..cut it off.

          • Roman Hamilton

            What kind of dribble is this that you writing? Your brother Jesus? It’s only a pity that you have blasphemed the Lord Jesus Christ, so it is you that doesn’t understand (or want to understand).

            “cut if off”??? If you have any knowledge of being Christ-like, since you claim to be his brother, it seems you have not learned anything from him.

          • David West

            I know Jesus, have known Him as my brother for many thousands of years.
            You see, it’s not possible for me to have any dialogue with you regarding Jesus, or Hid words because you have been filled with distortions.

            Jesus came to me, I did not come to Him. Have reminded me, He showed me. He has answered my requests, that would sound to you like demands.
            He has helped me in every Way that I have requested..and more often than not, the answer, or action that I demanded, were granted as fast as a bolt of lightning.

            Archangels have taken me up to Heaven more times than I can remember. They showed me clearly the ancient past. They answered my questions with miraculous manifestations.

            The issue for you, again, is that you are a weak victim of blind men. The parrots from places like Biola University. The Truth is, that if you do not know God, you could never come close to understanding Jesus’ words.

            That’s just a fact. It is painful to see the hubris of blind men proclaiming understanding when they know not. In fact, these preachers, pastors, and priests cannot help you know or realize what they have all failed to realize themselves. The variations in the current environment are all equally in err. What difference do small differences make if all of the basic premises are so far off as to be unrecognizable.

            Your arrogance and condescension in your reply does not surprise me. The likes of you are very common.

            I’ll tell you what is not common. Show me any self professed Christian that can measure their Faith using the tests of the scriptures.

            About Jesus’ miracles He said :

            “These things and greater you can do too”

            “If you have Faith as big as a mustard seed (which was the smallest natural item for reference) , then you can ask the Mulberry tree to be uprooted and it will be done” or the other version with the moving of the mountain.

            So, how is your Faith these days?

            What do you think Faith is? It has nothing to do with belief , hope, or that you made some proclamation of Faith. Greater Faith is not stronger belief. The likes of you also love to say “I am in Christ”.
            Do you even know what that is, or means? It’s not something one can simply claim and so it is true. Being “In Christ” means the Light of God has consumed you.

            Those In Christ are so rare. They glow. They have the grace, power, majesty and perfection as Jesus Himself had..You have never met one, nor has anyone seen one in any Church.

            If you have a recipe to make the best cake, but you do not understand the recipe, how is you cake going to come out? It will come out as you have come out of misunderstanding. To make it worse, you, at least so far, are unteachable in your arrogance…coming from a man whose Faith doesn’t approach the size of a mustard seed, you make your statements as if you are one with authority. It’s a pity really.

            I will end with one last truth. If Jesus came to you in your church and necessarily tried to correct you, you would, with 100% certainty, reject Him. Why? Because He would tell you a totally different direction to go, because you all missed. So you would talk to Him as you talk to me…in arrogant condescension. You think you have strength in numbers, but ironically, if all of you “believe” in misunderstandings passed down through the ages. it matters not how many are deluded.

            Now if you were humble, and had ears to hear, and experimented to test what you heard, then things could turn around for you. You see, once put on the right Path, your success would be assured..

            How can anyone teach or guide those who, in their own arrogance, already have the answers? The saddest part is that Jesus was right. The Truth does set one free. Free from anxiety, free from fear, free from depression…Truly free is truly free…it’s not some cheap slogan.

            So in conclusion, if you are not free, nor have the faith as big as a mustard seed, then really..What is your true condition?

            It would have been better for you to have fasted, prayed, and pleaded to be a disciple of Christ. If you would have pleaded for correct understanding , Heaven would have responded, but you lazily adopted falsities…the tricky part is that much of what the parrots parrot is true, but their understanding of the words they repeat is nearly 180 degrees off.

            It’s a sad situation.

            I live in the land of the walking dead…..a bunch of sleepers..cases of totally mistaken identity!!!

            Psalm 82:6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’ 7 But you will die like mere mortals; you will fall like every other ruler.”

            The likes of you, of which are many, live as mere mortals….worldly troubles, little faith, subject to fear, anxiety, …not free.

            Unless you can humble yourself, and use the slightest discernment…you will not be transforming any time soon. You will be force fed God…but then you will be caught unprepared….

            I love all of you.

            Peace be with all of you.

            Okay, no go ahead and accuse me….name call me if you like. It matters not to me if all 7 billion of you are against me…or ridicule me.

          • David West

            It was a comment with humor, and a reference to Jesus’ words.

            ◄ Matthew 18:9 ►

            9And if your eye causes you to fall into sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.

            Get it, O Holy One of judgment?

    • Roman Hamilton

      I could not have said it better my brother. Many of a good man has fell prey to this age-old trick of Satan. Unfortunately, Satan’s earthly minions and demons like to throw this up in our faces and accuse us before God.

      King David being the perfect example fell victim to sin and his sexual urges for Bathsheba, but as the LORD GOD told him, his kingdom would last forever.

      It will be painful to watch as the evil media torture this guy even though no there is now evidence given if there was anal penetration or otherwise. Bath House Barry got a free ride for over 8 years and no one dared call him out – not even Bill Reilly.

      This case is pure demonic activity to destroy a good man. This guy was weak spiritually and most likely has something very awry going at home (marital problems, etc.). I hope we can recover his life and that the truth comes out and he’s not guilty of any actual sexual contact with this boy.

      These things will be occurring more as demonic activity is rising on a scale not seen in human history. As Jesus told us, the Devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Everyone needs to be focused on the Lord and be on the lookout for Satan’s deception.

      God Bless You for writing this.

  • #getusedtoit

    Another pedophile

  • Talon

    President Trump, 1/3 to 1/2 of all elected officials are compromised by pedophilia, DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  • Alleged Comment

    Really, really SICK. A sodomite. But you had one for 8 years.

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