Oracle cuts thousands of jobs? Company refuses to comment

Mar 08, 2017
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Oracle has quietly cut thousands of jobs according to a source who has reached out to The employee who wishes to remain anonymous also pointed us to this WRAL report report that confirms the layoffs.

Layoffs described as “huge” that hit “all departments” at Oracle’s operations in Morrisville on Tuesday have cost a lot of former Tekelec workers their jobs, but Oracle refuses to comment.

“We will decline comment,” an Oracle spokesperson said when contacted by WRAL TechWire. “Thank you.”

The global high-tech giant is undergoing a restructuring that has led to some 2,900 layoffs to date, according to The Layoff website, which tracks job cuts.

More than 500 cuts have been made within the last week, according to the site.

WRAL TechWire learned about the Morrisville cuts from reader tips.

The Layoff and the San Jose Mercury News first reported Oracle’s cost-cutting moves on Jan. 23. The initial focus was on Oracle’s server hardware business.

According to The Layoff, some 239 cuts have been made in Oracle’s global communications business unit in recent days.



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