Using Airbnb now considered ‘terrorist’ by NYC Hotel Association

Anyone who dares to roam off the plantation will be gently nudged back to safety using fears of terrorism according to this Tech Crunch report.

The hotel industry is in decline thanks to companies like Airbnb. Unfortunately, the campaign to stop you from using anything but overpriced hotels has reached a new low….Terrorism.

The war between Airbnb and the hotel industry rages on, and it’s reaching new lows here in New York.

A campaign, backed by the Hotel Association of New York City Inc. and the union that represents hotel workers, launched a 10-day, 30-second ad that links Airbnb’s short-term rentals to public security threats.

The ad sets the stage for fear-mongering, stating that NYC remains the number one target of terror in the world, citing the NYPD police commissioner, and reminding viewers that there are 40,000 Airbnb listings in NYC.

The ad even goes so far as to say that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was staying in a short-term rental apartment when he staged and executed the attack, being sent massive packages.

Airbnb has said that Abedi’s unit was not an Airbnb listing, and has rightly called the ad “an outrageous scare tactic.”

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“The fact is Airbnb had nothing to do with the tragic events in Manchester and we are one of the only hospitality companies that runs background checks on all U.S. residents, both hosts and guests,” Airbnb Press Secretary Peter Schottenfels told the NY Daily News. “Hotel CEOs have a responsibility to tell us why they don’t do the same and why they continue to fund this sort of despicable, cynical advertising.”

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        The more hornets we can get stirred up the better
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    shadow party
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