10 Ways To Screw The System

(Thomas Dishaw) As most Americans become fed up with elected officials, economic conditions, scandals, taxes and lack of good paying jobs, finding ways to save money and stay off the grid have become basic ways of survival for most of us. Below is a list of 10 actions you can adopt to become more sufficient and screw the system.

 Ditch Your Bank Account-Most Americans are fed up with the US banking system. High fees, no interest, poor customer service, bailouts and the loss of personal privacy  have left most of us with bad taste in our mouths.  If a majority of us would pull our money out the bank we could force change, and the  creation of an alternative banking system, hopefully Bitcoin, can regroup and hold off banksters attempts to shut it down. Another great idea is getting behind  alternative currencies in your area.

Eat Organic- By far one of the best things you can do for your health, and to take money out of Monsanto’s bank account, is to support organic farmers. We all the know the health benefits of eating organic will delay or flat out stop the progression of disease, saving you precious time on this earth and a few dollars out of your bank account.

Cancel Cable– Disconnect yourself from media lies and White House talking points and stop paying an outrageous monthly fee for lies and dis-information. Other cheap entertainment alternatives include  the internet, NetFlix, and HULU. Or even pull yourself completely away from mainstream media and become more involved in local Community activities.

Pay With Cash- Cash has many benefits. Have you ever gone to the gas pump thinking you were getting  one price and then was charged another?  Most gas stations offer the lower price to customers paying with cash. Cash is also a great way to curb spending, and a little security when the banks announce a “holiday”  leaving most americans penniless. Thanks to the new “nanny state” staying off the CIA’s tracking grid will be  almost impossible since cash is now associated with terrorism.

Cancel Customer Loyalty Cards– Ok, if you wont cancel your loyalty card  because of the cash savings at  the register than at least use a fake name and information.  This information obtained with these cards are worth more to the companies than the total saving customers receive. Corporations and Government pay millions for this data, and with the implication of “Obamacare” your food spending information will be used against you to jack up your rates.  Just imagine the reaction when your doctor pulls out your file and questions you on the amount of butter you buy. Then 2 weeks later receiving a letter from your insurer informing you your rates just doubled because you were an at risk patient.

Get Out Of Debt– Easier said than done for most people. But once the chains of debt are removed your financial freedom is something they can never take away. Becoming debt free is one thing the system hates. It removes you from the obligation of banks and credit cards which are instruments they use to keep us enslaved.

Water Filtration-Stop drinking tap water. Its filled with every chemical under the sun. Fluoride and the cocktail of anti-depresents keep us in a zombie state.  Bottled water is plan b, but not a very good one. Your best bet is to invest in a water purification system, like the Berkey, that removes most of the toxins that plague our water supply.

Invest In Family– The powers that be hate to see a strong family unit. A great example of  how government destroys the family unit is illustrated below in the video. With a strong family anything is possible  you increase your ability to survive in an ever changing world, have people you can count on, financial support and emotional support all of which you can’t put a monetary value on.

Get Healthy- Health is wealth, thats the bottom line. You don’t need a gym membership to be a healthy person. Whether its walking or running everyday, doing sit ups and push ups, utilizing your local pool or just becoming active again by playing basketball, soccer, football or baseball. Any type of activity that gets you away from the television and enjoying the fresh air is a must.


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