Walmart Confirmed Rumors They Will NOT Be Selling Sport Rifles (AR-15) And Semi Auto Shotguns

(Thomas Dishaw) The war on guns continues in this country as the number one retailer, Walmart, will no longer be stocking modern sports rifles, such as the AR-15, nor semi-automatic shotguns with a magazine capacity of seven or more rounds .

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Police Officer Slits Dogs Throat, And Other Atrocities By The Baltimore Police Department

(Thomas Dishaw)  It should come as no surprise that police departments are out of control across America. Citizens are routinely beaten to death or flat-out murdered everyday, to the point of their being a national story every week. Living in Baltimore I have almost become immune to senseless acts of brutality carried out by the Baltimore police department. Those living outside of Baltimore may not truly understand how bad it is here. Yes, we all know about the Freddie Gray case, but there are many others that get little to no media attention.

Famous Double Crossings By The United States In Pictures

(Thomas Dishaw)  The United States Government is notorious for double crossing foreign leaders, funding both sides of an operation, and then disposing the expired leaders into an early grave.

Amazon Bans Taking Text Books Over State Lines

(Thomas Dishaw)  As the assault on freedom continues to plague this country retail giant Amazon has instituted a draconian textbook rental policy that will leave you shaking your head.

According to the fine print,  fittingly titled “Textbooks With Borders”, Amazon’s sister company Warehouse Deals, Inc will charge you full price if you dare to take the textbook you rented over state lines, and unknowing charge your credit card full retail price if they think you have violated their policy .

Comprehensive Clinton Kill List

(Thomas Dishaw) The Clinton’s reign of terror lasted 8 years in America, but  the impact of his decisions will last a lifetime in this country.  Economic Policy, theimplication of NAFTA & GATT, and a public affair that shook the nation are just some of the events people associate him with. As most of you know “The Clinton Chronicles”  has been floating around the web for  a few decades.  This grainy, over-dubbed documentary debuted in 1994  on a limited VHS run and ended up selling approximately 300,000 copies making it  a cult classic in the conspiracy world

TSA Megalomaniacs Are Here To Dominate, Intimidate & Control You

(Thomas Dishaw)  Over the years the TSA has incrementally managed to intrude many areas of our lives. Inherited powers that were granted to us by The Constitution and Bill of Rights  have  now strategically  been thrown out the window to “protect” you and your family from a fake war on terror. Unbeknownst to most the situation is much deeper than that. The TSA is here to intimidate you psychologically and physically , just examine their secret motto “Dominate. Intimidate. Control,” which is hidden at the TSA’s air martial training center, strategically kept off  of badges and insignia, and away from most of the general public.