Police Officer Slits Dogs Throat, And Other Atrocities By The Baltimore Police Department

(Thomas Dishaw)  It should come as no surprise that police departments are out of control across America. Citizens are routinely beaten to death or flat-out murdered everyday, to the point of their being a national story every week. Living in Baltimore I have almost become immune to senseless acts of brutality carried out by the Baltimore police department. Those living outside of Baltimore may not truly understand how bad it is here. Yes, we all know about the Freddie Gray case, but there are many others that get little to no media attention.

You see I’m not against cops. I do think we need some kind of order to keep our cities from falling into complete chaos and anarchy.  What I am against, however, is bad cops, and every department is full of them.  And an even bigger problem is that most good cops know who these “bad apples” are but refuse to do anything about it


Over the years the police have lowered the standards set to become an officer of the law.  People with higher IQ’s are discouraged from or not being allowed to interview for law enforcement positions in some cities. In 1999 a Connecticut Judge ruled that police can prohibit high IQ scorers from getting a job on the force, which has no doubt set the stage for what we are seeing today.  Unfortunately todays police departments are made up of officers that will never utilize critical thinking skills,they only take orders and never question the system. The things we see today are all done by design. This plan was laid out almost 15 years ago and we are now seeing the effects of their psychological experiment. Below are some of the most  disgusting cases of police brutality that have been swept under the rug in Baltimore.

Baltimore Police Officer Will Serve Six Months for Beating Caught on Video

A Baltimore police officer who was caught on surveillance video beating a man by repeatedly punching him in the face pleaded guilty to second-degree assault today, receiving a five year prison sentence.

However, the judge suspended all but six months of the sentence.

But who would ever think a cop would spend a single day behind bars?

Certainly not Vincent Cosom, who claimed in his police report that he was only defending himself against Kollin Truss who struck him in the body.

However, the video shows Truss was trying to walk away from him and never once struck him.-PINAC

Lawyer: Baltimore Cop Was Just Doing His Job When He Slit Dog’s Throat

Accused of slitting the throat of a 7-year-old shar pei named Nala, Officer Jeffrey Bolger has been on the other side of the law since June.

His attorney says Bolger was just doing his job.

“It’s about putting the concerns of a human being, and in this case a pregnant woman and unborn child, ahead of the concerns of a stray dog that appeared to be foaming at the mouth,” said Steve Levin.

Levin says city code allows an officer to kill a dog under such circumstances.

“Those circumstance demanded the action he took,” Levin said.

Police say Nala ran several blocks from home before nipping a woman trying to rescue her. Officers cornered Nala in a nearby lot.-CBS BALTIMORE


Elderly Baltimore Woman Locks Police In Basement After Assualt

Venus Green, who was 87 when she was handcuffed, roughed up and injured by police, will receive $95,000 as part of a settlement with Baltimore City. The city chose to settle the case instead of taking a chance in front of a jury.

“We thought we would have a difficult time in front of a city jury, or any jury,” Baltimore City solicitor George Nilson said.

Green was so put out by what police officers did, the city said she locked one of them in her basement.

“I was treated like a criminal,” said Green, a retired educator who’s now 90.

In July 2009, Green’s grandson, Tallie, was shot and wounded. Tallie said he was shot at a convenience store, but police insisted it happened inside Green’s house and that the shooter was either Tallie or Green.

“Police kept questioning him. They wouldn’t let the ambulance attendant treat him,” Green said. “So, I got up and said, ‘Sir, would you please let the attendants treat him? He’s in pain,'” Green said.

Green said the officer said to her, “Oh, you did it, come on, let’s go inside. I’ll prove where that blood is. You did it.”

Police wanted to go the basement, where Tallie lived, but Green refused on the basis that the police did not have a warrant.

“I said, ‘No, you don’t have a warrant. You don’t go down in my house like that. He wasn’t shot in here.'” Green said the officer replied, “I’m going to find that gun. I’m going to prove that you did it.”

A struggle ensued between a male officer and Green.

“He dragged me, threw me across the chair, put handcuffs on me and just started calling me the ‘b’ name. He ridiculed me,” Green said.

An officer went into the basement and Green locked him inside.

“She locked the door, the basement door. She basically took matters into her own hands,” Nilson said.

“This was my private home, and if I latched it, that was my prerogative because he had no search warrant to go in my basement. So, I had to right to latch it,” Green said.

Green said she suffered a separated shoulder in the scuffle, and she sued the Police Department for assault and violations of her rights.

“I was once a block watcher, department head of a high school. (I’ve) been around education for over 50 years. (I’m a) law-abiding citizen, I’ve never been arrested, I paid my taxes, owned my home, my husband died 34 years ago. (I) raised my son and I have been brutally abused,” Green said. “I feel like the Police Department needs to go back to school.

Baltimore Cop Assaults 14 Year Old Skate Boarder

The video, which was posted online by one of the skateboarder’s friends, became an Internet sensation in part because of Rivieri’s rant on the ever-contentious topic of whether teens pay enough deference to authority. Rivieri became enraged when Eric Bush, listening to an iPod, appeared to ignore him and later repeatedly referred to the officer as “dude” and “man.”

At one point, Rivieri told Bush: “Don’t get defensive with me, son, or you’ll spend some time in juvenile. You aren’t allowed to ride your skateboards down here, nowhere.”

Then, Rivieri went on his now-famous rant:

“Obviously your parents don’t put a foot in your butt quite enough because you don’t understand the meaning of respect,” the officer screamed at Bush. “First of all, you better learn how to speak. I’m not ‘man.’ I’m not ‘dude.’ I am Officer Rivieri, and the sooner you learn that the longer you’re going to live in this world. You go around doing this kind of stuff, somebody’s going to kill you.”-Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Police Beat Woman For Videotaping Arrest

Kianga Mwamba, 36, claims she was tasered and arrested by Baltimore Police Department officers in March while filming the arrest of another man on her mobile phone. After she was released, she noticed someone had tampered with her mobile phone – erasing the arrest video. Charges against her were eventually dropped in September, but Mwamba recently served the police department with a lawsuit seeking $7 million.

I’m in shock for real, like are they really doing this to me,” Mwamba, the daughter of a veteran of the Maryland Capitol Police, said as she recalled the arrest in an interview this fall with the Baltimore Sun.

The lawsuit filed with the Circuit Court for Baltimore City last Thursday said the police “attacked” her, “dragged” her from her vehicle, and “threw her onto the street, handcuffed her, tasered her, called her a ‘dumb bitch,’ and kept her restrained.

The suit alleges the officers arrested Mwamba to “prevent the disclosure of the video taken of them beating a handcuffed man.

Video of the March 30 melee surfaced online this week. Police erased the 135-second recording from Mwamba’s phone, but it was recovered from her cloud account, according to the lawsuit.-Common Sense Show


Baltimore Cop Punches Man In The Face Then Lays False Charges Against Him

Cell phone video from Monday afternoon shows Baltimore Police Officer Brad Chenoweth order a group of people to move along from in front of a McDonald’s at Howard and Fayette Street. That’s when a confrontation with 19-year-old Antonio Moore breaks out.

Moore was arrested and charged with second degree assault and disorderly conduct.

“I take this very seriously the police department takes this very seriously,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Police and the mayor unaware of the video until WJZ showed them. They’re now launching their own internal investigation.

“This video captures a small portion or one person’s perspective and we’re not sure how much detail was obtained prior to or even after the use of force incident and many times experience has shown that that’s also valuable to the overall investigation,” said Jerry Rodriguez, Dep. Police Commissioner.

The entire incident began several moments earlier when managers here at the McDonald’s called police asking for helping removing some disruptive people from inside the restaurant.

In his statement of probable cause the officer says as he tried to remove Antonio and others from the McDonald’s they began to chant “f— the police.” “They became belligerent and refused to leave the area.”

He describes this confrontation outside by saying, “Moore began rapidly advancing towards me in a threatening, hostile manner. So I placed my arm out to create a distance and halted his advance.”

But the video appears to show the officer poking Antonio, then Antonio swats the officers hand away

Derek: “What went through your mind when you saw that video?”

“It wasn’t justified,” said Tamikio Thompson, Antonio’s mother.

In a WJZ exclusive interview, Antonio and his mother call what happened “police brutality”.

“I want him to get punished for what he did and apologize a sincere apology to my son,” said Thompson.

The ACLU says it appears from the video the officer escalated the situation. Antonio Moore and his mother say they are now speaking to attorneys about possible legal action.-WJZ


No charges against officers in death of Anthony Anderson during arrest

In September 2012, Anthony Anderson, 46, died of internal injurieswhen Baltimore police officers tackled him after they say they witnessed a drug deal. The state medical examiner’s office said the death was a homicide caused by blunt force trauma. But the state’s attorney declined to bring charges, ruling that the officers did not use excessive force and followed police guidelines.-Baltimore Sun


Baltimore Cop Beats School Girls With Baton Gives Her 10+ Stiches

A bad-ass Baltimore school police officer decided to take her frustration out on 3 young school girls, one of whom dared to say “my name is Starr, not little girl”. Apparently that statement set off a chain of events that initially led to the 3 girls being arrested and charged with Assault and suspended from school. Based on the police officer lying about what happened in her police report.

Once the video surfaced and was reviewed by prosecutors they were nice enough to drop the Assault charges, BUT THE GIRLS REMAIN SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL!!!

The video shows the police officer beckoning one of the girls, named Starr, down a flight of stairs. According to the girl’s grandmother, the officer was yelling “Little girl, get down here.”

When Starr responded by telling the officer “My name is not little girl, it’s Starr,” and attempted to walk past, the cop grabbed her by the arm and forced her against a wall.

Baltimore Police Leave Pregnant Women Face Down, Bleeding & Bruised

Starr Brown, an East Baltimore woman who reached a settlement agreement, wanted to talk about her arrest — an encounter with police that left the pregnant accountant face down, bleeding and bruised, on the sidewalk. (Her baby was unhurt.)

But Brown, a Morgan State University graduate, said the clause prevented her from sharing details, so the events of Sept. 18, 2009, can only be reconstructed from court transcripts.

Returning home with her young daughter as the sun set, Brown was on the front steps of her brick house when she spotted two girls walking along North Luzerne Avenue.

Suddenly, a group of about 20 girls came from the other direction and attacked the two girls.

Brown, who went into her house to avoid the fighting, watched the beating through a window. Other neighbors called 911, but by the time officers Karen Crisafulli and Andrew Galletti arrived, the attackers had fled.

Brown, who was then 26, could hear the officers yelling at the victims and came outside to urge the officers to chase the girls who had fled. An argument started, and Galletti lunged at her, she later testified in court.

She grabbed the iron railing, but Galletti wrapped his arm around her neck. She said she screamed that she was pregnant, but Galletti responded, “[We] hear it all the time.”

“He comes and grabs my arms,” Brown, who had no criminal record, testified. “He’s like, ‘You’re getting arrested. You’re coming with me.’”

“They slammed me down on my face,” Brown added, her voice cracking. “The skin was gone on my face. …

“I was tossed like a rag doll. He had his knee on my back and neck. She had her knee on my back trying to put handcuffs on me.”-Baltimore Sun

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