Winn-Dixie parent to close 20 stores and consider layoffs as grocery industry the next sector to get CRUSHED

A massive consolidation is underway in the grocery industry. Look for grocery stores to be the next industry to get crushed. According to this Food Dive report Winn-Dixie parent, Southeastern Grocers will be shutting down 20 stores. Unfortunately, this sector has failed to do anything that one would consider “innovating” in the last 50 years thus leaving it in prime position to get destroyed by an Uber like app.

Southeastern Grocers will close 20 stores in its Winn-Dixie and Harvey’s footprint, according to Supermarket News. The Jacksonville, Fla.-company also is considering laying off a number of store-level department heads. The publication reported that Southeastern is in talks to refinance its debt.

The Jacksonville, Fla.-based retailer said the closures were part of a customary portfolio review and in some cases accompany lease expirations or the effects of renovations of neighboring stores. Southeastern Grocers, whose operations also include Bi-Lo, said two Winn-Dixie stores shuttered following flooding in Louisiana will not reopen.

“From time to time, the successful execution of our strategy will require us to make the difficult decision to close stores,” Southeastern Grocers spokesman Joe Caldwell told Supermarket News in an email.

  • NazdaPokmov

    I used to shop at WD all the time when I lived in South Florida…..sorry to see them go……. And I understand Publix is hurting as well….another southern based supermarket.

  • Sallie Ann

    They are cutting off their nose to spite their face with this stupid move. Please rethink this!!!! Grocery stores are needed…..where else are folks going to buy their food? Thru the mail is not an option…how do you buy fresh milk thru the mail? or ice cream, butter, cheese? Please rethink. I shopped at WD for 25 years when I lived in Ft Lauderdale area and loved their stores.