Big Food Is A Big Lie, And Will Do Anything To Destroy Hampton Creek

(Thomas Dishaw) It’s amazing the lengths big food will go to destroy healthy competition.

The American Egg Board (AEB), a Government controlled industry group, is in hot water over the smear campaign they launched against emerging San Francisco company Hampton Creek, whose mission is to change food by eliminating animal products and making eggs obsolete by replacing it with plants.

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Why Does McDonald’s Continue To Ignore Customers?

(Thomas Dishaw) Is McDonald’s the most out of touch company in the US? Customers have spoken, and they want healthier options; cleaner food, non-gmo and organic portions to purchase. What we don’t want is to be continually insulted by companies ignoring our demands.

Comprehensive List Of States With The Highest Fluoride Rates

(Thomas Dishaw)  Fluoride, a toxic staple of most municipal water supplies , was first integrated for public consumption in 1945 in Grand Rapids Michigan.   Since then 75% of the cities across the US have followed, dumping this toxic poison into the water for you and your family to consume.

According to the CDC, Fluoridation of the water supply has been hailed as one of ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.


What Is Calvin Klein And Christian Dior Doing In My Orange Juice?

(Thomas Dishaw)  If you are anything like me you probably enjoy waking up to a cold glass of orange juice in the morning with your bacon and eggs (ala Edward Bernays).  In a perfect world this orange juice would of course be GMO free, organic and preferably from a local farm, but unfortunately most of the time it’s not.

Over the years I have gradually progressed into a dangerous consumer (educated).  Making healthier purchases has become an obsession as I continue to vote with my dollars and do my best not to support unhealthy labels that seem to flood the marketplace.