If You Can’t Touch It You Don’t Own It: Austin Gold Vault Comes Up Mostly Empty

(Thomas Dishaw)  If you can’t touch it you don’t own it.  Here is another prime example of the importance of  actually possessing physical assets like gold and silver, or you could end up like many of these unfortunate customers who have lost everything.

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France Doubles Down On Cash Ban: No Transactions Over 1,000 Euros

(Thomas Dishaw)  The worldwide war on cash continues, as more and more nations aggressively put restrictions on the use of physical currency, inching us closer to the inevitable cashless society where no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

On September 1st France announced new regulations that ban cash transactions of  1,000 euros. This comes as a surprise since France originally set the threshold at 3,000 euros.  Non-residence and tourists transactions also declined from 15,000 to 10,000 euros.

Mass Layoffs To Hit Banking Industry As Consumers Ditch Big Box Banking

(Thomas Dishaw)  The days of big banks are done. Million dollar buildings that double as empty fortresses will soon be empty, or conveniently turned into FEMA holding centers when the collapse hits.

The tide is turning and the banks know it.  Mass layoffs have been announced by almost every major institution in the world and this is just the beginning. Unfortunately small town America will be hit the hardest as some of these jobs are the highest paying in the household. Also taking a major hit will be Charlotte, NC, the banking center of the US, where Wells Fargo has over 22,000 employees, Bank Of America 15,000  and most major banks have a presence. Be on the lookout for some great real estate deals in Charlotte soon.

10 Basic Necessities That Are Becoming Out Of Reach For The Evaporating Middle Class

(Thomas Dishaw) Can you feel the pain? I know I can.  As an average middle class family it’s always a challenge to make your money stretch. From the basic goods at the grocery store, to your kids college tuition, or just getting the rent paid on time can be a disaster to https://florafox.com/au/sydney. Regardless of what the mainstream media keeps reporting, the economy isn’t stable, basic goods continue to rise with no end in sight, and once they go up they very rarely come down.

Food Prices Are Skyrocketing, With No End In Site

(Thomas Dishaw)  Food may be your best investment, seriously.  Prices are out of control as grocers struggle to make profit in an industry known for slim margins. At the end of the day grocery stores make about one or two cents on every item that goes thru the register . Crazy right? This is the industry standard after paying benefits, wages, rent, advertising, legal, and inventory costs, profits are slim. With that kind of business model you can expect prices to continue rising no matter what kind of economy we are in.

Why Does McDonald’s Continue To Ignore Customers?

(Thomas Dishaw) Is McDonald’s the most out of touch company in the US? Customers have spoken, and they want healthier options; cleaner food, non-gmo and organic portions to purchase. What we don’t want is to be continually insulted by companies ignoring our demands.

10 Ways To Screw The System

(Thomas Dishaw) As most Americans become fed up with elected officials, economic conditions, scandals, taxes and lack of good paying jobs, finding ways to save money and stay off the grid have become basic ways of survival for most of us. Below is a list of 10 actions you can adopt to become more sufficient and screw the system.


Supermarkets Have Less Than One Day Supply Of Food On Hand

(Thomas Dishaw)  Most of you have read about or witnessed the chaotic scenes in supermarkets that ensued due to the national EBT card outage.  In Louisiana barbaric savages filled carts to the brim after learning their accounts had no limits and could steal hundreds of dollars of food with no consequences.

Hopefully this was a wake up call to everyday citizens that preparedness is a strategy we need to be instituting in our ever so busy and chaotic lives.  I wish I had good news to share with our readers, but the situation at hand is way worse than one could ever imagine, this according to a supermarkets insider.

20 Price Increases That Are Breaking America’s Middle Class Families

(Thomas Dishaw)  American families are under the gun.  Whether you are employed, unemployed, or underemployed you’re not alone, because millions of families are struggling in the U.S. With the cost of basic goods and services rising  at an alarming rate many households struggle to supply the basic necessities some of us take for granted.

Under the Obama Administration taxes are increasing faster than anytime in history, with Americans  paying more in taxes than on food, clothing  and housing combined.  Hard working middle class families will continue to evaporate and essentially be extinct if this cycle continues.