Supermarkets Have Less Than One Day Supply Of Food On Hand

(Thomas Dishaw)  Most of you have read about or witnessed the chaotic scenes in supermarkets that ensued due to the national EBT card outage.  In Louisiana barbaric savages filled carts to the brim after learning their accounts had no limits and could steal hundreds of dollars of food with no consequences.

Hopefully this was a wake up call to everyday citizens that preparedness is a strategy we need to be instituting in our ever so busy and chaotic lives.  I wish I had good news to share with our readers, but the situation at hand is way worse than one could ever imagine, this according to a Calgary flower shop.

” Supermarkets and retail outlets are focused on ways to become profitable, so don’t be surprised that your local supermarket will have less than one day of food on hand” according to a source who works for a west coast powerhouse.

As companies continue to reduce shrink (a term used for waste in the industry) and look for ways to become more profitable, supermarkets have been forced to reduce inventory to levels that haven’t been seen in years, leaving consumers only a few days away from an empty refrigerator.  According to my industry source, who would like to remain nameless, “profits are very slim in the  industry and competition is opening up around every corner, so most companies have instituted an equation called sales to purchase ratio, where departments like grocery, produce, meat, deli and bakery are required to meet a certain threshold, usually 55%, meaning your purchases from the warehouse can’t be more than 55% of your total sales for the week leaving very little product on hand to sell to the general public.  Major supermarkets justify this strategy due to the advancements we have made in transportation over the years, where major players get a delivery every day and some of the bigger volumes stores in large metropolitan markets get up to two deliveries a day.”

I would like to think the EBT outage was not a litmus test by the social engineers to gauge the publics response to a catastrophe, but anything is possible as we enter the beginning stages of martial law and the ever-expanding police state.

It’s inevitable that one day we will be faced with a scenario of  this nature on a grander scale. Just imagine any disaster scenario, EMP attack, mega earthquake or civil unrest and you are not prepared. This would leave you with no choice but to venture into the chaos to find food and supplies for your family, only to find the supermarkets are closed due to not having any food to sell and the responsibility of keeping their employees safe from looters and midnight marauders leaving you to go home with nothing. Most rational people think that even though there is a catastrophe at hand the trucks will still deliver food to the stores. WRONG.  We live in irrational times and nobody in their right mind will try to bring a truck full of food into a city full of looters only to be beaten up, shot, or killed.

As we reported in October of last year, hurricane Sandy brought the east coast to their knees, affecting regions as far north as Maryland, D.C. and Virginia, and leaving grocery stores such as Safeway, Giant and Shoppers unable to deliver food for three days in the Maryland area leaving stores shelves empty. In January of 2009 we also brought you apocalyptic pictures of  a supermarket in Maryland where  store shelves were empty due to a catastrophic snow storm.  Just imagine the scene if there were a real emergency.

What happens next? After a catastrophic snow storm the Military has an open invitation to patrol the streets as we reported in 2009.

Hopefully most of us will never have to encounter this type of event in our lifetime, but  if we are being honest, the hour is quickly approaching and we are one disaster away from food riots, total chaos and Military patrolling the streets. Are you and your family making preparations such as purchasing storable food , water filters, gold, silver, choosing a bug out location and making the necessary adjustment to survive in this ever-changing world? If your answer isn’t yes don’t worry, they have a place where you can stay, your local FEMA camp is open and ready for your reservation.

  1. 1KenSmith1 left a comment on April 15, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    “Civilization and anarchy are separated by only seven meals.” Lo que separa la civilización de la anarquía son solo siete comidas.
    — Spanish proverb

    • bilejones left a comment on April 18, 2015 at 6:16 pm

      Anarchy- the absence of a state, is an outcome devoutly to be coveted.

  2. Tom left a comment on April 15, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    According to the government, if you don’t have three days worth of food in your home you aren’t doing your civic duty to be prepared for an emergency, but if you have more than seven days worth of food in your home you are a “hoarder” and a “potential terrorist”. Also, under an Executive Order (I’ve forgotten the number) the President can send out troops to confiscate food stocks in an emergency, so if you had the foresight to have a month’s worth of food on hand, you may find yourself with less than a day’s worth after the government re-distributes what you had to the knuckleheads who failed to prepare. Nice to be ruled by paranoid megalomaniac morons, isn’t it?

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