Getting Water Thrown In Your Face Is Just The Beginning For Our Elected Leaders

thomas_dishaw_uu5lpa(Thomas Dishaw) Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is washed up, literally. Over the weekend someone threw a cup of water on the Mayor of Baltimore at a community event hosted at the Mondowmin Mall, the same mall looters ransacked in the riots a few months back. The event, full of FREE food and entertainment, was a way to give back to the youths that destroyed that very community, something the mayor gave them room to do.

Unfortunately the public shaming of elected leaders doesn’t happen enough in America.  I would love to see more people engage in this kind of civil disobedience. Imagine pubic events where Harry Reid or John McCain were getting buckets of water dumped over them. Publicly embarrassing these traitors is one of the few options we have left since elected officials are exempt from every law on the books.

Politicians are great at keeping their public appearance schedules secret in fear of events like this. Next time your elected leaders decide to come out of their castle and address the peasants you should be prepared. Invest in a good bull horn to take over their press conference or better yet, get arrested for dumping water on the head of your elected official. I know I will.

For those of you who are really fed up I have included a file with the home addresses of many elected officials. Use this information wisely, mass gatherings and hate mail is always a good idea, violence is not…Have fun and give them hell.

Download-Home Addresses Of Elected Officials

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