Japan Issues ‘My Number’ A National ID Card That Links Bank And Vaccine Records To Government Database

(Thomas Dishaw)  Japan is considering requiring it’s citizens to obtain mandatory personal ID’s by year 2021.The proposed ID will link individuals bank account information and personal health records to a centralized government database.

Government officials contend that the personal ID is necessary to track vaccinations and monitor financial transactions with the ultimate goal of ensuring medical compliance and elimination of tax fraud. According to Japanese officials, participation in the program, named “My Number,” is  completely voluntary.

The ID card, which is essentially a bank card, also doubles as a 12 digit tracking system complete with RFD chip, which will store personal information like DOB, address, race, gender, health records, and most likely–political affiliation.

Reader, I don’t know what you think about this, but it sounds to me like the Japanese are launching something the USA has been attempting to pull-off for years. It doesn’t matter what they name it, or how they try to justify it, the National ID card they are proposing is simply a big fat “Big Brother” tracking system designed to  spy-on people. Plain and simple……

And it gets worse.In an attempt to facilitate the launch of the new ID system,  Japan’s governing body, ” The Diet”,  recently ruled that it’s citizens have “no right to their own personal data.” Existing laws protecting private information have been amended, giving companies the right to utilize personal data obtained in business transactions.

The good news is that not everyone in Japan is on board. As one would expect, many Japanese citizens mightily oppose this proposal, citing that allowing Government access to one’s personal medical information, buying habits and political proclivities will inevitably lead to data breaches and misuse of personal information. Unfortunately, I suspect that this dissent, justified and rational as it is, will only serve to be a temporary stop-gap to an almost inevitable conclusion in these last days.

On a more peculiar  note, The Finance Ministry of Japan has also branded” My Number” as “a rewards card, where you can get up to 2% cash back and earn points for all your purchases!” Imagine that, a surveillance system that gives back!

It is obvious to me that “My Number” is an ominous precursor of what is to come. On the face of it, it is a tracking system designed to ensure social and economic compliance, but to the educated reader it is much, much more. Could it be that the real purpose of the ID card is to control access to commerce? I wonder how long it will be before everyone, not just the folks in Japan, will be forced to link-up to an ID card, an RFD chip, or a 12 digit number in order to buy and sell.

Finally, leave it to Japan, best know for  Sushi, Sumo wrestlers, and Samurai, to quietly usher in the most complete tracking system on the planet since Facebook. Perhaps America can lay claim to a “close second” with the establishment of the NSA, but sadly, the NSA doesn’t issue ID cards, press releases, or offer 2% cash back!  They simply monitor everything we do in real-time and then deny they are spying on us.

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  • Sanjaa Weber

    USA has had that for years. YOUR SS number.

  • Tim Groves

    Thomas, we are reading about the new system bit by bit in the Japanese press. This morning’s drip is that the maximum tax refund will be 4,000 yen per person per year, and to qualify for that the cardholder would have to present the card at the check-out counter each time they visit while shopping for a total of 200,000 yen worth of food and beverage purchases and then probably present it again at the tax office when filing the annual return. This would be a rather cumbersome system for all involved and it seems far easier to simply give all taxpayers a tax credit. So it’s a reasonable assumption that it’s a ploy to gather more personal data on people’s shopping habits. Or perhaps to get people to carry it with them at all times for tracking purposes?


      Tim, Great analysis. This card is just a ploy to get everyone on the grid so the govt can have complete control of all resources (the people) and continue to monitor the “slaves” in real time, tracking all commerce and movement is the main goal of all nations as govt’s are losing control and fearful that the population may rise up.


  • Taco43

    The book, “1984” was meant to be a warning, not a guide.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/quinn.sysmith QuinnSysmith

    You can trust the Japanese government, look at how trustworthy they were with the fukushima plant explosion and radiation fallout…government criminals who oppress and enslave a countries residents should be overthrown and imprisoned themselves.


      Fukushima, the biggest disaster of our time…